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How to Transform Your Bedroom Into Your Own Personal War Room

After reading up on making war rooms and praying over them, I felt inspired to make my own. I imagined a small closet space or maybe a corner of my room dedicated to it, but, upon looking around, I realized I really couldn’t do that with what small amount of space I have.

I share my bedroom with my younger sister, and she isn’t as into praying as I am. So I feel like she wouldn’t appreciate me invading her side of the room with my Jesus stuff, (as much as I would like to, I can’t). So, I cleaned up my half of the bedroom, and am transforming it into my own prayer room!

Now, it isn’t as private or as amazing as some of the ones on Pinterest, but it suffices for me! How you make yours is completely up to you, so remember these are just suggestions from me. 🙂

First, I made a prayer wall. I set aside a piece of my wall for keeping my prayers. Mine is just a space for me to place sticky notes with prayers on them, but a corkboard, a dry erase board, or even a taped up piece of paper will do. If you have chalkboard paint, you can paint your wall with it, and write prayers in chalk!

Next I found things that made me think of God. I chose a christian colouring book (I take out the pages as I colour them and tape them up), a crucifix, a nativity scene, my bible, my devotionals, and a book about one man’s adventures through missions. I placed what I could on the walls and put the rest on a little table, a shelf, and hung up my crucifix.

After that, I decorated and added the necessities. I used candles on holders, a little christian quote I made inside a picture frame, and a really awesome white and gold bible that was passed down to me from my Nana. With a couple of pens and some paper, it was almost done! It all looked- and felt- wonderful.

Finally, I put down a pillow to sit and kneel on. This was my favorite part of it all, and it was all I really needed besides my bible. I told myself that if I had this, or a floor for that matter, I would be able to build a war room in my head. The pillow has scales on it, to show I am carried by the fisher of men.

I said a quick prayer over it all, and I was done. It felt great to have my war room finished, and I was really glad it was set up (especially now that it was set up somewhere I would see it all the time).

Do you have a place for prayer? How did you set it up, and what has having it done for you?




One thought on “How to Transform Your Bedroom Into Your Own Personal War Room

  1. I don’t have one. I never saw the movie and it didn’t appeal to me. I’d always been taught that Christ fought the battle and won the war so that the rest of us didn’t have to. So I believe that battle metaphors center us unnecessarily into a hero dynamic that we weren’t meant to take up. That and I grew up with a quiet example of the faith, of being steadfast without drawing attention to one’s self or one’s religious works and I now see the wisdom of it.

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