Love Letters to God

Love Letters to God Day One

I don’t know how to begin.

Should my words pulse like the evenness of the heart you gave me,
or should they race with inspiration,
And flutter with hope?

I love you.

That’s all I know how to say.
Out of the thousands of words you have breathed through me,
That’s what I choose.
I wish there were more,
I want my lips to open and a flood of praise to burst forth like the waters you rain down from the sky.

But I am weak.
A mortal trying to fit into her dad’s shoes,
A faithful, desperate child of Eve,
Destined to sin,
Longing for you.

So I say, “I love you.”
And repeat it like a golden word,
Over and over in my mind and in my heart,
Trying to strive for a happier ending and a blessed life.
But most of all, I want you to know,
That I Love You.



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