Love Letters to God

Love Letters to God: Day Three

I saw you in the seeds we got,
In the dirt in my hands,
And in the pots we planned to fill.
I tried to count the seeds, each wildflower piece,
But like the stars they were innumerable.
The soil smelled like fresh rain.
In the mud I say your face,
And I knew you were at work,
Painting every bloom I would care for.

I watered the seeds with coffee this morning,
Hoping they’ll grow faster.
I know I shouldn’t rush your perfection, Lord,
But I’m so happy to see what you have created.
Send the blooms my way, Oh God,
And I will watch them sing in brilliant colours.

God my King, My father and my hero,
I give up my flowers to you,

If only you’ll let me care for them for you.





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