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Home Blessings

Whether you’re building a new home, renting one, or getting your first apartment, blessing your home with faith and prayer can bring joy and love into everything you do. You can bless your home yourself, or have a priest, pastor, etc do it for you. This post will outline how you can do it for yourself, or as a layperson.

Begin by picking out prayers, scripture verses, and gathering your supplies. You will need a cross or crucifix, holy water blessed by a priest or other such qualified religious person, and a bible, or a printed out version of your scripture and prayers.

To pick the scriptures, you can search online for the best ones, or pick the ones you find to be the best. These might be verses that call to you, or fill a specific need in your home.

My two favourites are:

“And as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” – Joshua 24:15

“The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.” – Numbers 6:24-26

There are many, many more, and you can use as many as you’d like. I like to choose about seven to repeat over and over as I walk through the house, praying in each room.

Psst! I found some more!

The prayers can be personal ones, or pre-authored ones. I like to come up with my own. Here are the ones I will use, for each room of my house:

Entry room:

My Lord, my god, I pray to you as a humble servant, a daughter of Eve. Cleanse me of my sins, oh Father, and allow me to pray to you most faithfully. Amen.

May peace enter and never leave this threshold. Carry all evil away from this place, and hold each member of this family in your loving arms. Protect us, gentle shepherd, and have mercy on us. Let ever unclean spirit be banished from this home, now and forever, amen.



Keep watch, Saviour of all, over the place where children play. Take care to purify their hearts and minds, and protect them with your dignified shield. Chief of angels, God who loves the young and sweet, I pray to you. Amen. 


Help us break bread together and remember you every time we eat. Have us pray to you like we were taught to, by Jesus Christ himself. Bless the food we eat to our bodies, and the guests we invite over. May we all be a part of your blessed army, o God. Amen. 

Living Room:

 Lord, I enter this room and ask that you give us delightful memories. Have us be welcome in each other’s company, and treat one other with love, as you would have us do. Take our hands and teach us how to bond together. Amen. 

Dog’s Area:

I pray you protect our pets, whom we love with all our hearts. Bless them with longevity and a happy time with us. Amen. 

Master Bedroom:

Bless the masters of this house, and help them guide their children towards your light. Give them the best of your graces, and hold them in your hearts forever. Amen. 

Children’s Rooms:

Teach your children, Lord. Lead them to you, and protect them as they live. Through you, may they be saved. Amen.


May we be cleansed by your healing waters, and put on your righteousness each time we look in the mirror. God, my saviour, be my cleanser. Amen.


Be our foundation. Even deep below, be my guide. Protect us, even here, shining Lord above. I pray this to you, my God. Amen. 


Go through each of your rooms in your house, and sprinkle holy water around the room, marking each doorway with a cross with it. Read your prayers and scripture while holding up your cross or crucifix, and when you are finished, close with a prayer of thanksgiving, one such as:

Oh god of all, I praise you and I thank you. You are great, and awe-inspiring. We feel your love, and hold you deep in our hearts. We sing of your name with immense gratefulness in our souls. May we be blessed by you, and return to you every morning. Amen. 


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