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Prayers, Medals, and Saints for Protection from Evil

Keeping away the demons in your life really only needs one cure: faith. But faith can be directed in many different mediums, and these are what I am sharing with you today!

Praying the rosary, being devoted to Christ, and ceaselessly asking for protection both from God and the Saints will lead you to a more fulfilling prayer-life full of faith. You can also find prayers online that deal specifically with demons and evil forces, I use Pinterest mostly, or write my own.

The saints associated with protection from demons and evil forces are: St. Micheal the Arch Angel, St. Benedict, and St. Mary the Mother of God. Wear each of their medals, especially after getting them blessed by a religious figure. The Miraculous medal of Mary, as well as the Medal of St. Benedict, have great meaning instilled in them, as well as holy power. You can ask each of these saints for their prayers of protection, and constantly pray to God yourself.

The way to fully protect yourself is to receive communion, go to confession, read the Holy Word of God, and pray as often as you can. Be cautious with what you let into your home. Let peace come in, and peace leave with all who enter.


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