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What Wearing A Cross Actually Does

Many people call to mind terrifying moments where someone stands face to face with a demon, and their cross or crucifix is held out like a talisman of protection. Contrary to what many believe, the cross is not a saving medallion, or a protective amulet. Here’s what it really does in the face of danger, and why it’s way cooler than what you think.

When you wear your cross, you can do so for a variety of reasons. To show your faith, to ask for protection (I’ll get to that in a minute), or even to ward away demonic forces. These reasons may seem superficial on the surface, but when you dig into the real reason you should be wearing your cross or crucifix, you may think twice about leaving it at home.

To show your faith or remind yourself of it is an excellent choice. This will help remind you- and others- throughout the day that Jesus did in fact die for you, and he’s with you all the time. That notion not only strengthens your faith, but also helps you grow in the love of God. Faith is the key thing to protecting yourself from evil and ill will. God prepares an army of angels for the righteous.

Many people have their crosses and crucifixes blessed by a priest or other religious figure, and wear it in hopes that they will be protected by it. The truth about this is that you are not protected by the cross, but by God. God sees that you are asking for protection anytime you wear the cross or crucifix, and he readily provides it for you. You can always ask God to bless you and protect you at ALL times, but by wearing a cross, you are showing him that you have faith in him, and what he can do. It also transforms you into a beacon for others, so be a good christian and teach your friends what it means to be a child of God.

Demons hate us, they hate God, and last but not least, they hate holy and sacred objects. Stories tell of demonic entities tearing off saint medals, throwing bibles out of people’s hands, and questioning your faith. They naturally dislike anything that shows our faith in God, so people believe wearing a cross or hanging one on their wall will prevent demons from entering their homes. The truth is, it may keep them at bay, but faith is your strongest weapon against Satan and his legion. Prove to them you are too strong to be shaken, that you are protected by the Holy Spirit, and they will leave you alone (for the most part. Sometimes, strong willed demons need to be exorcised).



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