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Lent Post 2/40

Today, I’ll be talking about another preparation topic! Setting up a Lenten prayer table. These can be super diverse, but here are some of my ideas!

Note: all saints, etc, are usually put away or veiled for a length of time, depending on your tradition. There are a variety of reasons people say to do this, but I believe that by doing this, I symbolically shift my focus to Christ alone, and mourn Him before all else.

Purple Table Cloth Runner – Purple is the liturgical colour for Lent. It is a colour of mourning as well as royalty, which represents the Lenten season very well. Make this the foundation of all you put on your table.

Crucifix – The crucifix really symbolizes the somberness of Lent. Jesus was nailed to a cross, and left there to die, to die for us. What better thing to put on your table than the symbol of His love?

Candles –  White, purple, and red all seem like good ideas to me. The purity of Jesus’ actions, the mourning/royalty colour, and the blood He shed for us. Light them as you pray each day.

A Crown of Thorns – You can make your own using a wooden wreath and some brown toothpicks (painted, or bought that way). You can even craft one out of paper and lay it down on the table, or hang it above everything.

Nails – A very sobering addition to your altar, 3 large nails can be laid there to represent the ones driven through our Saviour’s hands and feet.

Stones – To symbolize the rocks and taunts thrown at Jesus, or the tomb in which he was laid.

Your Bible –  A perfect piece of everyone’s altar!

Dry Branches – These can be symbolic of the dry period of Lent, when we are awaiting Christ’s return.



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