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A Novena for the Unborn & Aborted

I am a flaming Pro-Life advocate. As such, I often dedicate my rosary prayers to the unborn and aborted, and add a special prayer after I’ve completed each decade, and at the end and beginning. I feel Mary has special influence over children, infants, etc., and I assume she feels as deeply about abortion as I and many others do. So, this Novena is directed towards her, and is explained below in detail.

A note: by unborn, I am meaning to address the potential abortion babies, not the children of all pregnant women!

Find a quiet place to recite the rosary where you won’t be disturbed or distracted. I tend to use the sorrowful mysteries for this Novena, but you can choose to do whichever one is suitable for the day. Have a list of the prayers you will use at the ready; the ‘Our Father’, ‘Apostle’s Creed’, ‘Hail Mary’, ‘Glory Be’, ‘Hail Holy Queen’, ‘Fatima Prayer’ (if desired), and the ones below, known as ‘To the Unborn and Aborted’. Pray the rosary with these additions every day for nine days.  I will be praying this Novena starting on Valentine’s Day, and hope you will join me!

Beginning (after ‘And in the name of the Father, Son, and of the Holy Spirit):
Abortion runs rampant in our streets,
Lies comfortably in our own homes.
I pray with my heart of hearts that you will aid me in prayer,
And help me defeat this evil death.
This rosary is prayed as devotion to you,
And as a gift to the Unborn and Aborted.

1st Decade (after the ‘Our Father’):
Mary, we call out to you to stop the death and destruction of abortion.
Heal the hearts of the mothers who cannot bear to hold their own child,
And save the unborn and aborted from pain.
Change the minds of the women who fail to see your grace in the heartbeat of their baby.

2nd Decade (after the ‘Our Father’):
If they do perish on Earth, cover them in the waters of your holy son,
Wash away all original sin from their bodies.
Breathe into them hope for a brighter future in Heaven,
And renew their lives for eternity.

3rd Decade (after the ‘Our Father’):
Plague the abortion workers with a desire to change.
Show them your heart,
And the piercing wound that you suffered when your child passed in front of you.
Teach them to despise what is evil and love what is good.

4th Decade (after the ‘Our Father’):
Turn away the doors to the clinics.
Create a winding path to evil,
marked with thorns and rocks.
Cradle the children in your arms,
And touch the womb of the mothers with love and peace.

5th Decade (after the ‘Our Father’):
Mother, I cry for you to intercede.
Spread your joy to everyone,
And take away the dread of death.
Be our Heavenly guide towards life.

Ending (after the ‘Hail Holy Queen’):
I weep at your precious feet,
Wondrous Mary,
Crying with all of the saints and angels.
May my prayers be answered and abortion demolished,
And in the place of the clinics,
Build sturdy churches and sanctuaries.



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