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3 Daily Prayers for Busy Teens

I am a homeschooled teenager with nothing but time, so I love to bust out those long memorized prayers said in archaic language. However, I can empathize with those of you who have a busier life and have a hard time with memorization, as I haven’t always been homeschooled or as time-abundant. Here are my prayers for busy teens, or really for anyone, for all occasions!



Lord, hold me closely as I awake with the dawn.
Carry me through the tough waters that rise above my head today,
And show me the way when I get into difficult situations.
May I praise you with my actions,
Be honourable in what I say,
And treat all with love and grace.
In your name I pray, Amen.


I thank you for your providence, God,
And for our abundance.
I pray for those who cannot eat,
Who do not praise you,
And for the future.
Keep me in your heart and in your arms.


Whatever has happened today that may be wretched or may be great,
I offer it up to you.
Help me rest safely,
And pass through the night without nightmares or terrors.
Help my guardian angel fight for me as I sleep.


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