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A Child’s Prayer Bag

I have a younger sibling who is interested in learning how to pray and be a part of God’s army, and I couldn’t be more excited. To celebrate, I am making her a ‘Prayer Bag’ which is just a little plastic bag full of things she can use in her prayer life. It is very cheap and easy to make.

I got the bag from my local Catholic Supply shop, and luckily, it doesn’t have any writing or a logo on it. So, I wrote “(Name’s) Prayer Bag” with a nice cross on it. I’m leaving it like that, so she can decorate it herself if she wants! If you can afford it, you can make one from those canvas bags at craft stores and some fabric paint or markers! Have fun with it, and try making it with the child!

The contents of the child’s prayer bag can be very personalized, or just general. Here is what I am putting in my sister’s.

  1. A plastic Rosary – hers is pink, and I don’t think she’ll be breaking it any time soon. It’s fairly sturdy and strong for being 45 cents! I think it’ll last for a while, and I won’t be heartbroken if it does break.
  2. Some prayers – She can’t read yet, but I put them in there so that when we sit down to pray together, she can use her own little guide with me. And, when she’s old enough, she can lead the prayers or use them on her own time. I included ones like ‘The Lord’s Prayer’, ‘The Apostle’s Creed’ A mealtime prayer, and even ‘Hail Mary’. You can put whichever ones you feel will work best for the child in there, or make your own!
  3. A picture of the Crucifix – This way she can look at it and be reminded of how much God loves her.
  4. A picture of the Nativity scene – This is for her to cherish and think over. Jesus was once a baby, just like us. How amazing is that?
  5. Seasonal items – fill these up as the year goes along. Right now, we’re preparing for Lent, so I’ll be putting the Stations of the Cross in there and some purple ribbon as a reminder of what colour Lent is associated with.
  6. Saint Medals and Cards – I won’t be putting these in  her bag till she’s older and can read, but I thought I’d share the idea.
  7. A mini bible or easy to read bible –  I’m putting a new testament mini bible in her bag, since she can’t read yet. We can read from it together and I can translate it for her until she’s old enough to read it on her own.
  8. A poem I wrote – I wrote this poem for my little sister to show her how much God and I care about her prayer life. Here it is (feel free to use it):

He watches you and guides you, 

With love and with care.

And when He sees you praying,

He smiles everywhere!

His brilliant grin is in the sun,

His laughter is in the rain.

Each and every thing you like

Is Him loving that you’re praying!

Oh how He adores you, 

And holds you close and tight.

So tell Him that you love Him,

Each and every night!


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