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Why I bought a 25 cent St. Jude Statue

St. Jude Thaddaeus is the patron saint of lost causes and despair. He was an Apostle of Jesus Christ, and his Mother was the Virgin Mary’s cousin. He is not Judas Iscariot, the Apostle who betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. He is often represented with a flame on his head, which is symbolic of when he was present at the Pentecost.

After his eventual martyrdom (no one is quite sure where this happened, but biblical accounts do suggest martyrdom) he was attricbuted to very strong incidents where his intercessions led to his title becoming ‘patron of the impossible’.

I got this information here, and there is even more to be read on him there as well.

Why, you may be asking, are you telling us about St. Jude and not why you got a mini statue of him? Well, here’s why:

I went through a long dip of hope a while back. And just when I was at my darkest, everything got so intense and bright. I was feeling right again, and I can’t attribute that to anything but intercession. I found myself drawn to St. Jude while I was in the Catholic Supply store near my house, and even bumped into this little basket of St. Jude statues that were 25 cents each. I knew I had to get one, and learned that he was the Saint of Impossible things.

I believed my situation was impossible to get out of. I thought I would live and die in that part of my life. So when things to a turn, I was completely astonished. And now I believe God may have sent St. Jude into my life as a reminder that I can always ask for help, and receive hope through signs and answered prayers.

So that’s my little store of the day. I hope you all feel a little brighter and know that God really can change anything around! ❤



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