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Lenten Challenges!



Hello everyone! I have some awesome challenges for you all to use this Lenten season! These are meant for teenagers and young adults, or those of you who are entering the Catholic faith! For some, these challenges will seem easy, but for me and for others, I think they may be a bit challenging. So, without further ado, I present the challenges!

#1: Pray the Rosary every day. Set an intention each time you pray, and ask your patron saint/one of the saints to pray it with you! If you don’t have a rosary, you can buy very cheap ones at your local Catholic shop, or purchase a prettier one. You can even draw a rosary and use it as your guide. If you don’t have a specific intention in mind, pray this novena with me!

#2: Read one chapter of the bible each day. Not a whole book of the bible, just a chapter, from anywhere in it. Might I suggest Corinthians or Proverbs? Share what you learn in the comments of this post, and feel free to start a discussion.

#3: Memorize a prayer once a week. Find one you like, whether contemporary or traditional, or even make up your own, and memorize it! I use memorizer whenever I want to memorize one. It really helps!

#4: Pack up all the extra items you have, and live off of as little as you can. Still do regular hygiene, and eat enough to sustain you for what you do in life, but put away the amenities. Turn off the TV, don’t use electronics if you don’t need to for work, etc. Live like Christ did as close as you can. Some people even give up using their beds.

#5: Give up all drinks except water. Not only will you be healthier, but you will be able to take time and recognize that you are sustained by what God has given you.



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