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Why Praying the Rosary isn’t Just for Women

Why Praying the RosaryIsn't Just for Women.png


A lot of the time, you’ll see images of women praying the rosary, or hear about mothers doing the same to protect their children. However amazing it is to see anyone praying the rosary, it’s not just a feminine thing. Praying the rosary is a form of combat everyone should take part in, no matter how feminized the media may make it seem.

The rosary was revealed to a man named St. Dominic in the year 1214. Not a woman alone, but to a man, who was to teach the whole world about it. An apparition of Mary came to him and told him that the ‘psalter’ was the way to ‘reform the world’. You can read more about the rosary’s history here, but the main gist of it is that without devotion to the holy rosary, it will be much harder to convert souls and save the world from Hell. St. Dominic was appealing to everyone he saw when he heard about the rosary, and was desperately hoping to reach out to as many people as he could. Men and women alike were touched by his words, and by the holy rosary.

The rosary, according to Mary, is a lethal weapon against Satan, and will help win the fight against the Devil’s snares. This is a powerful method of prayer. Shouldn’t everyone be a part of such a remarkable way to get rid of evil? We are all called to be soldiers of the Lord. So, go get your rosary!

The fifteen promises of the rosary will really strengthen you. I mean, have you read these? Mary is really certain that this is the way to end evil. She is offering graces, protection, a way to end evil, spiritual virtues, a spot in heaven, a way for you to never be conquered by sin, a holy, sacramental death, a get out of purgatory free card, a high degree of glory in heaven, she will give you all you ask of her (I’m sure with limitations ex: she probably won’t kill your enemies), intercession of the celestial court at your death and during your life, you will be her son or daughter and the brother or sister of Christ, and praying the rosary is a sign of predestination to Heaven. Woah, that’s a lot of perks for just 20-30 minutes of prayer a day.

Mary is the mother of Jesus Christ, God incarnate, and she is a part of Him. Whether you view her as your own or not, she’s definitely part of your life in some way. She did give birth to our saviour, after all. Show her some respect as you meditate on the life of Jesus through her eyes. Pray it for Jesus and his mother.

The mysteries of the rosary are kind of a big deal. If you go through and read about the mysteries, you’ll probably enjoy the rosary a lot more. It’ll help to have something to meditate on as you pray!

You don’t have to have a certain colour or material in your rosary. It can be made of wood and leather, or metal and hematite. You can really customize it, and make it as ‘manly’ or as ‘masculine’ as you’d like!


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