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Modesty, And What It Has Done For Me

Dressing modestly isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. And this post is not designed to ‘convert’ you to wearing certain clothes, or make you feel bad about what you do wear. I am simply writing out my thoughts on the topic of modesty, and how it has positively affected me. So, whether you’re here to learn more or are just curious, dive right in, and tell me what you think.

  1. It’s made me feel more comfortable. I’m not always pulling up my pants, fixing slipped straps, or checking to make sure my skirt isn’t too short. It really helps me when I’m in public situations, because I already feel insecure. I am able to focus on other things, like who I’m talking to, or helping my mother with her children. That was the major problem I had to deal with at school, and a big part of my anxiety.
  2. It makes me fee like I am fulfilling God’s will. I don’t think God likes it when I personally tried to wear tight clothes, and let my cleavage show. It isn’t a part of God’s ideal woman, so, for me, I felt the need to cut it out of my life.
  3. It lets my inner beauty, and Christ, steal the show. While being immodest leaves room for other people to ignore what you’re saying and doing to gawk at your body, covering up helps your light and God’s be noticed.
  4. Being modest gets me taken more seriously. Adults respect my choice in clothes, and will therefore deal with me with more open-mindedness.
  5. I can walk into a church at any time, and won’t feel like I’m under-dressed. I love going to church, sometimes I end up over there doing the week. So, it’s nice to be in a constant state of dress appropriate for church. I don’t dress frumpy at all, so I can always be ready to enter the house of Christ.
  6. God is everywhere, not just in church. So, I dress up everyday, and greet my creator with love and respect. I think he likes that I cherish my body, and treat it well.
  7. It’s my choice, and I love to make choices for myself. Choosing to be modest empowers me. I make the conscious effort each day to wear what I think looks good, will cover my body in a nice manner, and won’t draw bad attention. I enjoy the self care aspect of it.

Those are my reasons, and how it has helped me. Do you dress modest? Let me know in the comments if you do or don’t, and why šŸ™‚


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