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40 Good Deeds

Lent is on its way! Woohoo! So, in light of that, I have come up with forty good deeds for all of us to do together! Let me know if you have any awesome substitutes or other ideas!


1: Pray for someone who has hurt you. It takes a lot to forgive someone who has been mean to you, but even more love and kindness to pray for them. Do both!

2: Buy a bouquet of flowers, and hand out each flower to someone who looks like they could use a little love! Extra props to you if they’re purple! Alternatively, if you can’t buy flowers, tell those people to have a good day, and smile at them.

3: Write a letter to your pastor/preacher/priest, and let them know you appreciate them and what they do for you and the rest of the community. Decorate the letter with Lenten things, like a crown of thorns or a crucifix!

4: Bake some bread, and take it to a homeless person, or a shelter. Homemade things are the best! If the shelter doesn’t accept baked goods, then donate a few cans of food you enjoy, or something they need at that time! Psst. Socks are really important!

5: Buy for someone’s coffee or meal at McDonalds, Starbucks, etc. If you can’t afford that, then leave kind notes on the window shields of parked cars. 🙂

6: Go here, and donate rice to people who are starving! It’s totally free, fun, and engaging!

7: Make a fun gift for a friend or coworker. Leave it where they’ll see it, but don’t let them know it was from you.

8: Go to an animal shelter, and volunteer your time. They may have you pet animals, feed them, or clean. Do anything you can with a happy heart. If you can’t do that, then go here and donate dog or cat food for free! Or, donate cat litter here.

9: Compliment 40 different people. It’s really fun, and will make God happy. Plus, you will be helping someone have a better day. Make it a challenge with your friends and family, to see who can reach 40, or surpass it!

10: Go to the dollar store, and leave some dollars in the kid’s section. Or, you can donate some old toys of yours to a children’s charity. If you don’t have any toys or money, then tell a child that they look nice today, or that God loves them!

11: Write a letter to the police officers who work in your area, and drop it off anonymously. Or, hand deliver them a box of cookies and tell them how much you appreciate them!

12: Make a homeless car package, and give it to the first homeless person you see. It doesn’t have to be on this day, but try and find someone to give it to!I made one for about $8 when I went to the dollar store. But, if you don’t have enough money, consider donating some clothing to a shelter, or to a spot where clothing donations are accepted.

13: Write a song for someone, and sing it to them. Or, just deliver it to them anonymously!

14: Thank your parents, friends, and the rest of your family for being there for you. Give them a compliment unique to them, and make sure they feel valued!

15: Feed some birds! Go grab some bird seed or bread and wherever you see them, toss it! They may wait for you to leave to eat, but they usually scarf it down pretty quickly!

16: Go to the library and leave a note in your favourite book, wishing the next reader fun on their journey through it. Include a hand-made bookmark too!

17: Play a claw machine until you get a stuffed animal. Then, leave it there for someone to find! Or, put a quarter or two in the machine. If you can’t do that, then pray that the next person to play it wins!

18: When shopping or waiting in line, let someone go before you. If you are at home, and you’re doing something, let the person waiting to go where you are do what they need to do before you finish.

19: Do the dishes, take out the trash, or vacuum without being asked. It’ll clean up the house, and it will also give your spouse/parent/sibling a break!

20: Go see an elderly person at a nursing home. Spend time talking to them, and enjoy there company. Leave them with a hug, and come back again another day.

21: Smile or wave at someone you don’t know, and if they don’t smile back, don’t take it to heart!

22: Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while, and ask them how their day is going. If they need to, let them vent and have a conversation centered around them. Sometimes we all need that.

23: Go to a gym and tell everyone how good they’re doing! If you can’t, then tell anyone you can that they are amazing at what they do.

24: Make lunch for a friend or family member, and eat with them.

25: If someone drops something, pick it up for them.

26: Talk about how grateful you are for everything God has given you, and share your love by giving someone else something to be grateful for. It can be small, like a journal or a penny, but make it something special to you or that person.

27: Plant some flowers and when they begin growing, give them to someone. Anyone.

28: Leave a letter or gift for the mail person!

29: Make a “take what you need” poster and tack it up in your kitchen.

30: Make “Love Money”. Give it to everyone you love, and tell them they are rich in love.

31:When you start to get angry at someone, smile and tell them a joke instead of yelling at them, or insulting them.

32: Pick up trash that you see throughout the day, whether it’s outside or in. Make sure to wash your hands afterwards!

33: Make someone you love a playlist full of their favourite songs, and some of the ones you listen to together. Pick the most meaningful ones you can think of!

34: Pick your favourite snacks, and put them in a pretty bag or a basket. Leave them on your neighbours porch! Pick someone you don’t know very well, or feel needs a pick me up.

35: Make bracelets out of old jewelry and hand them out to your friends, family, or coworkers. Alternatively, buy some seed beads and make your own! Or, you can make beads out of paper and magazines.

36: Listen to your own advice, and be kind to yourself. Give yourself a big hug!

37: Make dinner for your family. Pick out their favourite dishes, even if you don’t like them. Have the ‘feast’ when everyone gets home, and share your favourite memories you’ve had together.

38: Make someone some coffee or tea when you feel like they could use some.

39: Bake something for your favourite group of people; a soccer team, a bank, whatever you like!

40: Pick 4 things from this list and do them again!


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