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Gearing Up for Lent: 5 Things You’ll Be Needing

Lent is a time of fasting, reflection, and remembrance. The purpose of Lent is to mourn and grieve for our Saviour’s death, and then celebrate on Easter, since he will rise again! However, we’ve got to get ready for Easter the same way the disciples did. We fast and abstain, give alms, help others, and be the light of Christ since he isn’t physically here in person. With all this going on, you’re going to need some spiritual aid! Here are my top five necessities for Lent.

1: A Game Plan – What are you giving up for Lent? You don’t know? Oh no! That’s what a game plan is for! I have a little game plan worksheet at the bottom of this post, perfect for adults and children alike. It’s simple, easy to read, and pretty fun to do. Plus, if you read that whole post, you may get some good tips on how to get your kids involved!

2: 40 Good Deeds List Use these forty good deeds to help intensify your Lenten season. You do one good act a day for forty days, and when you’ve finished, make your own list to do every day of the rest of the year!

3: Your Bible – Nothing helps us meditate, reflect, and come to understand Christ’s life quite like the bible. Reading about His sacrifice and His love for us is extremely powerful. So spend some time this Lent reading the Scripture.

4: A Calendar – It’s awesome to count down the days till Easter, and there are a few special days thrown into Lent that we should all observe. So mark down dates like: Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, and Good Friday.

5: Willpower – With fasting and abstaining, you’ll need to really want to do this. It’s hard sometimes. But know that you can do anything with God, especially when it is for Him.


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