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Love Letters to God – February 26th, 2017 : So Small (Song)

Like a Fibonacci spiral,
And the glittering snowflakes that fall
Onto a billion smiles
And float across the Earth:

You are small, Lord,
A child with tiny hands, Lord,
You are a butterfly’s eye,
One that can fly.

You see all through innocent eyes,
You are great, but craft with minuscule ties,
Your intricate prize.

My Father, you are so small,
But you are
A giant with holy words,
You made me, and you made the birds.

But how could you do all that you do,
Without tiny eyes, and tiny hands too?

You are life, Lord,
Something that starts so small, Lord,
And you’re human too,
In all that you do.

Your voice is large, God,
And my faith is hard, God,
To explain to these little guys,
Who’ve heard so many lies.

But you are so small, Lord,
A God above all, but here, Lord,
Among the fear you stand,
Among everything you planned.

Jesus was so small, God,
His tiny hands took all, God,
And this is how you made,
All he has paid.

You are our Lord,
A piece of you’s here,
And a piece of you there.

So small, yet so tall.
A god for all.


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