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Love Letters to God -February 26th, 2017 (Song)

Run, Run away,
Cause he’ll pull you in,
Tasting all of your original sin.

Run, run to Him,
Under his true wing,
He’s there in every single little thing.

Don’t let the devil
Hold onto you,
You’ll be just like his

Fallen down to Hell,

Marred by his faithlessness,
Kept in a black abyss.

So Run, run away,
Cause he’s dark inside,
Full of skulls and demons held in pride.

Run, run to Him,
He is the Truth,
Made with grace and love, and eternal youth.

Don’t let them tell you,
Don’t let them scream

That Satan is the King.
He is death,
A fallen omen of breath,
Lost among a city of wails.

But God prevails,
He overcomes all voices yelled in basphemy,
Becasue he is the King,

His trumpets sound in hallowed echoes,
Flutes play loud in bless-ed meadows,

He is the one I am loving

For all of my


I ran, ran away,
I have been loved,
In a shelter way up above.

I ran ran to Him,
To the one whose mercy reigns,
And now I have lost all my pains.

I have found shelter
Among the winds,
Of storms and lightning and all the rest,
He is God,
My Saviour true,
And you
Are his too.


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