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Modesty Tips Women & Girls

Modesty Tips & Tricks From a Teen.pngWhen it comes to dressing modestly, there are a few hurdles. One of them is getting past the old fashioned, unflattering clothing options, and another is, well, staying modest! As a teenager, I can fully understand how it feels to start out on a modesty journey from square one. Here are my tips on being stylish, covering up, and staying sane.

Being Fashionable:

You can still wear certain styles and fashions of the season while being modest!

If you want to wear a sleeveless dress because you like the shape and design on it, then wear a jacket or sweater, or add a tee shirt under it. If you find a pretty shirt that looks modest, but needs another layer, wear a camisole, tank top, or other shirt underneath of it. Skirts of short length can be modified with slips, leggings, and tights. Where there’s a will, my friends, there’s a way!

Some cute, not old-fashioned clothing items I like include:

  • Button-Up Shirts – Find these in cute patterns or colours. I like little designs on mine, but nothing big or bold. Just something small and not too intriguing. I enjoy how much I minimize the actual clothing I wear to keep my inner beauty on the surface!
  • Midi Skirts – These. Are. So. Cute. They make me feel like a southern belle, and they leave a lot of room for movement. Plus, they aren’t so long that you can’t walk up the stairs and you can go more than two steps without tripping.
  • A-Line Dresses – Not too form fitting, but still very stylish! These can be elegant, quirky, or just downright fun. I wear these as often as I can, because they make me feel like I’m dressing up!
  • Denim Jackets – Super adorable, and great for covering up without looking bulky. They work great in the summer months, since they’re not as thick as sweaters, and come in varying sizes and styles.
  • Sweaters (Button Down and Regular) – These look cool with Midi skirts, and can also add a nice touch to those A-Line Dresses I mentioned earlier!
  • Wrap Skirts – I own two of these, and I cannot say anything bad about them (function-wise)! Mine are made from recycled Saris, and are very beautiful. These do, though, add a bit more boldness to an outfit when they’re colourful, so beware of that. I wear them when I’m at home, or will be at a special function.
  • Long Sleeved Dresses – Aw. These are my favourite! Whether they’re floor length, or like a midi dress, they look ready for tea time! These can be made of cotton, a lighter fabric, or even velvet. However you like em, get em!
  • Maxi Skirts – My go-to for Summertime. Definitely long enough, but not too warm! They come in many colours, which means you can go for the softer, less vibrant ones, and the patterns can be very out-there, or down-to-Earth!
  • Ball Skirts – Okay, okay. I know. These are super long, and a bit much. But, they work well for special occasions, and anytime you want to look nice. I don’t have one yet, but I want one!
  • Denim Skirts – Casual, fun, very good for those days when you want to just throw something on. They’re all I wore from 3rd-6th grade, and I loved them! I need to buy some more, and am planning on a few different lengths to experiment with!
  • T-Shirt Dresses – The most comfortable thing you’ll ever own! If you wear leggings, these are perfect, because they cover you up, but don’t have to reach the floor.

Things to Layer With:

  • Tank Tops
  • Camisoles
  • T-Shirts – these should be a little tight fitting, loose ones add bulk to already loose clothing
  • Scarves – I use infinity scarves!
  • Tights – the darker, the better, my friends.
  • Leggings – Only wear these under things that will cover your bum!
  • Sweat Shirts – yes, you can dress these up!
  • Sweaters

Being modest doesn’t mean you can’t wear a little bit of jewelry, or glam yourself up with a scarf. I like to wear my statement pieces everyday; my great grandmother’s wedding ring (as my purity ring. It’s extremely plain, but very elegant), and my saint medals. But, when I want to give my look a facelift, I will add an infinity scarf, some cute shoes, or a nice hairdo that isn’t over the top. Something like a braid, a bun, or some curls works for me! However, I try to avoid all of these things at once, since my appearance isn’t what I’m trying to draw attention to (“Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes.” – 1 Peter 3:3).

Painting your nails with clear polish, and growing them out to a suitable length will provide a pretty look to your hands. It does not leave them untended to, and makes them very clean-looking, especially if you shape and cut them.

Makeup, in a subtle form, can be worn modestly, which will give you a beautiful finish to any outfit. The less you wear, though, the better. Covering up blemishes, and adding a hint of blush and mascara will not make you immodest. It simple enhances the beautiful features you have been given by God. But if you cake your face with heavy contour, highlighting, and an extreme colour of lipstick (like purple or blue, for instance), then you may be attracting too much attention towards your outward looks.

The point of makeup is to appeal to mortals, and it does nothing in the eyes of God. So, when applying your makeup, or refraining from it, ask yourself what God would think of such things. If you do not feel the need to entertain the eyes of mankind, then I suggest leaving the makeup behind, putting in place instead: a smile.



6 thoughts on “Modesty Tips Women & Girls

  1. Great post and tips:-)

    The most enlightening, life changing truth is the full realization that our worth is not determined by what we look like, how we do our hair and nails, what clothes we wear, how smart we are, how much money we make, or how successful or “sexy” we are. Our worth is determined by The One who lives inside our hearts and souls…and that beautiful light shines from and through us and can not be extinguished by any outside forces. The true beauty of each of us shines from a love we cannot even fathom:-)

    May God continue to bless you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are the sweetest, and are quite right! I recently found that out myself, after a couple years of wearing what I thought made me more appealing to others. Thanks to the bible and the guidance of my family, I learned what was truly beautiful ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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