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Lent Post 5/40: What to Pray for During Lent

Praying is a vital part of the Lenten season, but most people don’t know what to, well, pray for. Here is a list of 7 things you can pray for or about this season leading up to the Resurrection. God bless!

  1. Your heart’s conversion to godliness – We all need a little more holiness in our lives, and a little less sin. Pray for help with becoming a perfect figure of God’s creation. It’s something we can always pray about, even outside of Lent.
  2. Understanding – Understanding things like poverty, epidemic, and mental illness can be hard. So ask God to help you understand, or come to terms with, those things.
  3. Those in need – The homeless, depressed, and broken always need our prayers. Pay special attention to them this Lent, and try to give alms to those whose life break your heart the most.
  4. The untouched – pray for those without the gospel to come to know it. There are many villages, countries, and groups who have never heard the truth of God. Pray that they find it, and help fuel a mission trip.
  5. The Rosary – pray the rosary using the sorrowful mysteries, and dedicate it to the saving of souls, or someone you know is struggling with their faith.
  6. Big prayers – ask for a miracle. If someone is dying, and they don’t know Christ, ask Him to show Himself to them in a huge way. Pray for something you need to help God in His mission to save. Do something radically loving for Jesus; He did sacrifice his life for you, after all.
  7. The stations of the cross – Go through the stations of the cross, and pray about them. Ask God to fill you with emotion, and to absorb the power of Jesus’ actions. Meditate on the fact that He once walked where you can walk. He breathed the air that you breathe. He spoke like you do.

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