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Dear Me

Dear Me,

I know this is long overdue. I haven’t sat down and had a chat with you for a while, at least not one like this. This is a letter to lift you up when you’re down, bring back your faith when you are weary, and help you through the inevitable tough times.

So sit back and listen, ok?

You are part of God’s army. You are a warrior armed with prayer and devotion, and your commander in chief is an immortal God who loves you more than you’ll ever know. There are things in this life that you won’t understand, and that’s alright. Just pray about it, try your best to defeat evil, and listen to God.

There are people here for you, on Earth and in Heaven: Saints, friendly neighbours, family, and even medical staff can all be your guide somehow. You just have to seek them out, and ask for a few prayers, and maybe some advice. It’ll get to you. Don’t worry about that part.

You’ve gone through a lot, yeah? So why can’t you get through whatever you’re going through now? Have you not blossomed and changed into a beautiful fighter? You are as brilliant as the stars, and more special in God’s eyes. Call to Him, ask for His aid. He will readily reply or work on another solution. He knows all, and will be there for you when you start to fall.

Are you tired? Me too. It’s almost 10:00 pm as I write this. I know you can get back on your feet. Just grab a coffee and a protein bar made of prayers. Strengthen your faith love, your doubt is showing. Don’t let the enemy catch you off guard. He’ll use your own thoughts against you.

That’s all of I’ve got for tonight, but remember; your angels are with you, God is above you, and the Saints are praying for you.

Love, Olivia


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