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Living Life Like St. Philomena

Living your life like Jesus is a give-in, but have you ever considered following in the steps of particualar Saints? Having a godly, imperfect person to relate with on your journey is very helpful in your own personal walk with Christ, and will give you a nice look into what a follower of Jesus should act like. Of course, our Saviour is the ultimate goal; but Saints are great inspiration, since they were human as well, humans who were not perfect, and did go through things that caused them to sin. This is a look into how I try to live like St. Philomena, a martyr and an angelic child.

St. Philomena was a young chaste woman who lived in Greece, about 300 years after Christ’s walked the Earth. When she died, she was around 14 years old, give or take. You can read her story here to get a good idea of who she was and what her tragically short life was like. It’s a very interesting read, and definitely inspiring; it’s what struck me into really noticing her.

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Crazy, right? She was tortured for her chastity, and her deep devotion to Christ, something we can freely commit to, but usually don’t. Unfortunately, there was nothing her parents or anyone else could do about it.

However, with the intercession of Jesus, Mary, and a host of angels, she was saved, until her death by decapitation, which led her to her heavenly spouse, Jesus.

Now that you have an idea of who St. Philomena was, and how she lived the life God gave her, let’s talk about how we can imitate her child-like devotion to Christ today.

  1. We can decide to be chaste. This could be until marriage, or forever. I choose the latter. Staying pure until marriage, or forever, is a highly prized form of worship, and one that keeps your virginity holy. It is a gift, and being chaste will help keep your mind on Christ.
  2. We can deny false idols. This could be the worship of other ‘gods’ like money, or cigarettes. Whatever we prioritize over our Lord is an idol we need to dispel. St. Philomena put Jesus above all else, and held onto Him like a lifesaving cure. We all should do the same.
  3. We can pray unceasingly, and with faith. Many times it is stated that St. Philomena prayed in her cell. She was determined that her prayers were going to be heard, and answered. Her faithful prayers led to her deliverance. Mimicking her loving attitude towards prayer is a must.
  4. We can know that our kingdom is Heaven. St. Philomena told her parents that her vow to God was the most important thing to her, because her kingdom is Heaven. When we accept this, and put every foot forward knowing that we represent God and all His glory in Heaven, we will come to realize that our actions are from God’s hand when done in grace and love, so everything we do should be. When we go to Heaven, it will be ours, and we will be like royalty there.
  5.  We can stand firm in our faith, and readily accept accusations of worshiping God. We must be humble people, that are proud of their religion. And when people try to convert you, or spit hate, sing of the glory of the Lord, and of all He has done for us.
  6. We must know that we will suffer, but be cured with light and love. St. Philomena showed us that those who pray, and stay faithful to the Lord will suffer, but be saved from the physical wounds of this world. For when we are harmed, and when we die; we will stay faithful and dwell with the Lord.
  7. We must renounce the beauty of this world, and love the shimmer of the next. St. Philomena gave her life to know Heaven; why shouldn’t we do the same, by dedicating all we do to God?



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