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Shrove Tuesday

So, it’s Mardi Gras, (Shrove Tuesday) which also means it’s the day before Lent! Today we get to eat Pancakes, allow ourselves to indulge in things we enjoy, and think about the coming season of reflection, fasting, and giving.

Most people stuff themselves and gorge on all the food they can find, eating as if they’re fattening up for Winter. And while there’s nothing inherently wrong with eating, gluttony becomes a problem very quickly on Shrove Tuesday. My suggestion for today is to begin your Lenten fasting now; and I don’t just mean from food.

Of course, try to limit your intake today. If you’re like me, and you live in a wealthy country, then you’ll be overeating like crazy if you’re not cautious! Eat what you enjoy, like chocolate or beef, but do so in moderation.

But what about non-food things? I’m glad you asked, dear reader! I suggest packing up anything you don’t need, or are avoiding for this Lenten season. If you’re giving up TV, cover it up with a blanket or sheet. If you’re avoiding secular music, put away your CDs or fill up your mp3 player with Christian songs. Just prepare, and get ready!

Here’s what I am giving up & taking up for Lent, and what I will be doing today:

  • I will make a meal plan, excluding meat and snacks
  • I will make a list of things to say instead of insults
  • I will go to the library and pick out some new christian books
  • I will make a playlist of Christian music on youtube
  • I will pick out the books of the Bible I will be reading
  • I will write about how we can all live like St. Bernadette. Here’s Philomena’s
  • I will pick out a book or a site to read about the Saints on
  • I will find novenas to use

Have a blessed Lent, everybody! 😀


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