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Stations of the Cross Kit

As you may have read in my last post about the Stations of the Cross, I believe these reflective prayers are very important. As such, I have made a little baggie full of objects to help show my siblings what the Stations look like. I took inspiration from a post I found Pinterest mostly, so here’s what I did!

  • Station 1: Jesus is condemned to death – String (to symbolize his imprisonment)
  • Station 2: Jesus takes up His cross – An upright cross made of twigs
  • Station 3: Jesus falls for the first time – bandaid with a ‘I’ on it
  • Station 4: Mary goes to Jesus – a drawing of Mary crying
  • Station 5: Jesus is helped by Simon – a ‘help’ sign
  • Station 6: Veronica wipes the face of Jesus – a small piece of paper towel with the face of Jesus on it
  • Station 7: Jesus falls for the second time – bandaid with a ‘II’ on it
  • Station 8: Jesus comforts the women of Jerusalem – tissue
  • Station 9: Jesus falls for the last time – bandaid with a ‘III’ on it
  • Station 10: Jesus is stripped of his clothing – a tissue folded and held together with a safety pin
  • Station 11: Jesus is crucified – 3 nails
  • Station 12: Jesus dies on the cross – spear dripping with blood
  • Station 13: Jesus’ body is taken down from the cross – cross made of twigs, laid flat on the floor/table/etc. (use the cross from earlier)
  • Station 14: Jesus is put in the tomb – rock (to represent the stone rolled in front of His tomb)

Go pray the stations of the cross using your new set of objects!! Here’s all the prayers.


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