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Stations of the Cross

The Stations of the Cross are important to learn about, especially during Lent. They help us understand Jesus and His journey to the cross, and how human He was at that time. He even falls three times on his way to Calvary, stumbling and breaking down under its immense weight.

There are prayers to follow while reflecting on these stations, which you can find here. But, besides those, you can look at religious imagery, hold objects related to each station, and reflect and meditate on each scene. If you are moved, or feel called to a specific scene, then write about it as you go, and pray if you need to.

To make an especially sobering and somber atmosphere, try using candles in a darkened room. Set each candle up with a picture of the scenes glued onto them, and light them. Then, as you go through each scene, blow out or turn off your candles. By the end, it’ll be totally dark. Just make sure you can read or have memorized your prayers!

A lot of Catholic schools and churches do the stations of the cross every Friday afternoon. Find out when these organizations are doing it, and join in, or do it at home.

I hope you have a lot of great experiences with the stations of the cross, and get something out of it! Have a wonderful day, everybody!



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