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40 Things to Give up for Lent (and for life)

Hello everyone! I was just thinking about what you all might be giving up, and have decided to make a list in case you didn’t know what to do! These are all things we should give up for life, not just for Lent, but Lent is a good start! Have fun reading these and maybe pick a few out for yourself!

  1. Saying sarcastic or rude things just because you have the opportunity.
  2. Listening to music that memorializes sin.
  3. Dressing in a way that makes your body look less like a temple and more like a visitors center.
  4. Skipping church just because you don’t feel like going.
  5. Forgetting to ask God to forgive your sins.
  6. Not praying first thing in the morning.
  7. Not reading your bible everyday.
  8. Ignoring children when they ask you for something.
  9. Throwing perfectly good things away instead of donating them.
  10. Not cleaning everyday.
  11. Fighting with your spouse, sibling, coworker, etc.
  12. Living life in the fast lane, and forgetting your religion because of it.
  13. Being gluttonous or greedy.
  14. Being lustful or adulterous.
  15. Insulting yourself.
  16. Insulting others.
  17. Buying things you don’t really need.
  18. Watching TV instead of reading the bible, praying the rosary, etc.
  19. Gossiping.
  20. Lying.
  21. Impure thoughts. Cross yourself whenever they start to take form in your brain. It gets rid of them immediately, and if you say a quick prayer, Heaven will rejoice.
  22. Sleeping in, and then not having time to pray or meditate on the scripture.
  23. Ignoring homeless people. Even if you can’t offer them anything physical, it’s really thoughtful to sit and talk to them for a while, or pray with them if they’re willing. They need a smile and a nice chat just like the rest of us. How many paychecks are you away from being homeless? It really could happen to anyone.
  24. Not being a morning person. Yes, it is hard to wake up early, but no, you don’t have to be mean just because the sun has risen. It happens every single day, you can get used to being kind in the morning.
  25. Using too much perfume. Try one or two spritz and nothing else for the rest of the day. Your perfume will last longer, and you won’t kill people when you step into an elevator.
  26. Judging others and their walk with the Lord.
  27. Talking about how great you are, and having the “holier than thou” attitude.
  28. Texting and driving. God needs you alive to be a disciple! He also needs other people alive for the same reason.
  29. Social media. You can definitely live without posting a selfie, and you’ll have more time to help others, pray, and listen to what your children are saying!
  30. Telling the driver how to drive. Instead, compliment their skills and God’s beautiful creations outside your window!
  31. Being passive aggressive.
  32. Leaving your house without saying goodbye to your family members.
  33. Hating others. They are children of God, just like you. Would their mother want you to feel that way about them?
  34. Not smiling. Smile at strangers, at friends, at children. Everyone. It’ll really change how you view the world.
  35. Favouritism.
  36. Pride. Yes, you can be proud of your skills, but don’t tell everyone how much better you are than them at _______. Thank God for your gift, and move on.
  37. Forgetting names. Try your best to remember the names of those around you. Especially the people you consider to be ‘beneath you’. Everyone is equal in the eyes of God. Treat them as such.
  38. Ungratefulness. Be thankful for what you have, and use it for good. If you have a car, try carpooling. If you are a painter, make paintings for small businesses, or give away your art for birthdays. Whatever you have been given, share it.
  39. Taking things for granted. You never know when something will slip away as quickly as it came. Tell your friends and family how much you appreciate them, and mean it.
  40. Thinking you only have to give these things up for Lent. Become a better person through Lent, not only in Lent.

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