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One Little Prayer

Today I prayed the rosary, and I took my time. I focused on each of the sorrowful mysteries, and let my heart grow heavy with Mary’s sorrow. I teared up as Jesus cried for another answer in the garden, and wondered how our Dear Mother could have ever gone through Her own son’s crucifixion. I prayed the most heartfelt rosary of prayers I have ever experienced to date, and it was all because of one prayer.

I asked God to let me feel Mary’s emotion, to help me see what Jesus saw as He was on His way to be crucified. As I drifted off to sleep, I didn’t really have any idea of my prayer was going to be answered the next time I prayed the rosary, and frankly, I forgot about it by morning.

But as I sat down to pray the rosary a week and a half later, I was swarmed with His presence, and every tragic fiber of His story. It was, I believe, the most focused I have ever been while praying, despite the noise in the background that is my wonderful, beautiful family. And it was all because of one little prayer.

And I am thankful for His love, and His willingness to share His story with me in such an emotional way. I pray now that everyone will feel the same, and be touched with His great love.


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