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Fruit of the Spirit Themed Prayer Retreat (at home)

Everybody needs a prayer retreat! So here’s a fun, spiritually fulfilling day (5 hours) of prayer for women, men, and people of all ages! It’s called ‘Harvesting’ and is simple as can be. Have fun with this, and try to unplug. When you are finished, take a nap, and then tell me what you thought! Have a wonderful day, everyone!

Fruit of the Spirit Themed Prayer RetreatOne Day, At Home.png

Pre Retreat To-Do List:

  • Clear your schedule completely. Make arrangements for children if they aren’t doing this with you, etc. It only lasts until 3 pm, and starts at 10 am, so you’ll be able to get them out the door and pick them up easily.
  • Rest well the night before.
  • Clean the house, change your sheets, take a shower. Make it so you have nothing to do in the morning.
  • Pick out your clothes – make them comfy.
  • Make sure you have enough food for all meals tomorrow. You will be fasting, but not to an extreme (two small meals, one medium sized, no snacks).
  • Prepare your heart! Pray that you get something out of it.
  • Book mark your bible passages (see below).

Resources & Things You’ll Need for Your Retreat (I recommend printing these resources out!):

Your retreat schedule is below 🙂 Have an awesome day full of Jesus’ love and mercy!



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