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Love Letters to God – March 3rd, 2017: Proud (song)

Are you a proud father?
Are my failures a bother, to you?
How could I fathom,
That I’m your daughter and you…
Hold me tighter than any boy could,
Love me like my daddy wouldn’t.
Are a light in the sky, and the deep dusk at night,
And you still call me by name.

How could you be proud of this mess?
I haven’t helped enough and sinned till I’m stressed?
And yet.
You hold me, under the stars,
you’re a mountains absent of cars,
An unadorned rock and you know it.
You know the whole world cause you wrote it.

You’re my proud father.
Despite all the pain,
And the midsummer rain,
You still call me yours.
I cannot see all that I’ll be,
But I guess that’s up to you.

You’re my proud father.


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