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Love Letters to God: March 3rd, 2017 – Fruit of the Spirit (Song)

He gives me all I can take.
It is something that I need to taste.
He is here, now.

In my arms lies a full breadth of fruit.
Just a bounty in a bucket of jute.
He is here, now.

These were not a part of my original plans.
In my heart, no, but through his huge hands.
He is mine, now.

Like truth lost in an old well,
I have found the story I must tell.

The fruits of the Spirit,
Each one of them are for you and me.

It is
Love, joy, patience,
And faithfulness, too.
Goodness, is what he’s come and grew.
Till the soil and you’ll find it all,
You’ll never fall.

In this peace,
What a sweet release
Gentleness, kindness,
And self control, too.
Oh what he has us do:
In this valley of dust,
So old and robust.
He has found me,
And I will trust.


Every moment for us,
He’s there and he’s new,
A morning sprinkle of Dew.


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