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What Does It Mean to Repent?

Repenting to God can be difficult. There are times when you break down and cry, or swear up and down that you’ll never do what you did ever again. But it’s not really repenting- if you don’t mean it, and do it again.

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Yes, you can totally intend to stop whatever sin you have been committing, but if you continue on your streak, God will know, even before you do it. Once you say sorry, you get the ball rolling; the first step is acknowledging your bad behaviour. But repenting is not sobbing in front of a crucifix, though that can be part of the process. It’s saying sorry, and asking for forgiveness, and then going away from prayer, and not doing it again. Or rather, working towards not doing it.

It does take time to undo a habit or a learned behaviour. God knows this, and through Him, you can stop. It doesn’t matter what it is, God is there for you, and wants you to end your sinfulness.

Repenting is asking God for forgiveness, and doing your best to quit whatever you said sorry for, and it’s the constant knowledge that what you are doing is wrong in God’s eyes. With this blessing of knowing right form wrong, it becomes easy to spot our mistakes. So, whenever you start to sin, or think about doing it, I challenge you to pray to God for strength, and for Him to be with you while you say no to Satan’s temptations. I know I struggle with this particularly, I am afraid of sinning right in front of Him. But having Him there, and sitting in His presence really helps me, and I hardly ever continue whatever I was doing in the first place, because I am so caught up in His love.

You can also cross yourself, or kneel, or whatever else. Just don’t sin.

So what’s repenting? Working towards a better, sinless life.


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