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Esther Study – Day One

Esther is a short, meaningful book of the bible that is perfect for beginners to study. This made it a great book for me to write my first ever bible study with, and I thought I’d share it with you all! As you may know, I have already read Esther, and given my thoughts on it here. I suggest reading that after you finish this study! 🙂 Have fun, change it up if you need to, and tell me what you thought!

A Walk Through Her Story.png

This is a long study, but I’m sure  you could do the whole thing in one day if you needed to! Without further ado, I present: Esther! Follow this blog for more everyday!

Day One

What you’ll need for today:

  • One Notebook
  • One Pen or Pencil
  • Your Bible
  • The guide below


  • Pray this prayer. Or use your own! 🙂
  • Read through Esther 1:1-22 (the first chapter) for the first time.
  • Read it again, but this time, make notes on the character of each major person you learn about. Here’s a list of them:
    • Queen Vashti
    • King Xerxes
    • Memukan
  • When you’re finished, use this map to see how vast King Xerxes’ kingdom was. He was a Persian king. Try to draw it in your notebook, or write about how much land he controlled.
  • Journal about Queen Vashti, and how you feel about her decision to stay with her banquet of women, and not go and flaunt her beauty to the nobles. Was she being a good, humble person, or were her actions rude to the King? Tell us what you would have done, and why. Do you think her decision and King Xerxes was influenced by God, which led to Esther being Queen?
  • Read this and journal your responses, notes, and questions:

Queen Vashti and King Xerxes did not have a relationship balanced on respect, as far as we could tell. King Xerxes valued her physical beauty, and Queen Vashti did not obey him, as we should all obey our spouses (if their requests are not outlandish or ridiculous.) When King Xerxes banished her from his presence, and would not let her return, he showed us that he did not value her as a person, and did not love her as a husband should love his wife. Likewise, when Queen Vashti did not go to him when she was wanted, she revealed that her priorities lay elsewhere.

When the King listened to the nobles and other wise men, he acted rashly and without thought of the consequences he would face. He was drunk and acted out of character, and Memukan offered his own drunken advice. When he described his reasoning, it seemed so far from what would actually happen in the kingdom that it’s silly to us readers. But, maybe God put it in his heart to do this, and to find a new wife. These series of events could have been part of God’s own plan, from Vashti refusing to show off her beauty to Memukan giving an a silly reason to banish her. Perhaps their actions towards one another was not pleasing to God, and He felt they needed to find more loving partners. Have you ever made a rash decision only to find it was God guiding you all the time?

Esther is introduced, and perhaps in the best way. She was an orphan living with her uncle, and she was Jewish in a land of Persians. She would seem like the unlikeliest of candidates, except for her beloved gift from God; her outward beauty, and inward humility, grace, and bravery. As you read, keep these qualities in mind, and make notes about them anytime you see them.



Day Two

 Day Three


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