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Esther Study – Day Two

Here is today’s bible study in the book of Esther! This is day one. This is day three. 🙂 Have fun everybody!

A Walk Through Her Story

Day Two

What you’ll need for today:

  • One Notebook
  • One Pen or Pencil
  • Your Bible
  • The guide below


  • Say this prayer, or use one of your own.
  • Read Esther 2:1-23 for the firsty time (the second book of the bible)
  • As you read for the second time, makes notes about any words you don’t know or understand. Along with that, write about Mordecai as you go, and what you think of him.
  • Journal about how family is important between Esther and Mordecai. How does this closeness carry on when Esther and Mordecai save the King from death?
  • How does Esther’s beauty help her? Do you think it was a gift from God that helped her become Queen opposed to someone else? Or was it another quality, such as humility? Write about it in your notebook.
  • Journal about Mordecai and his relationship with Esther. Who do they remind you of in your own life?
  • Here is a list of beauty treatments that Esther may have gone through! If you are interested, write about them and how they differ from today’s treatments.
  • Read this and journal your notes, thoughts, and questions:

Mordecai is a simple man with a soft spot for his cousin, Esther, who was born Hadassah (she changed it to blend in with the Persians). He treats her as his daughter (her parents died), and his main goal, like any parent, is to see their child thrive. In this era, the highest achievement was to be a King or Queen, and Esther, the poor orphan girl, was given that chance. When Esther was chosen among all of the women there to be given attendants and served beauty treatments, Mordecai would go to the King’s gate each day to see how she was doing. He was her guardian, and was watching over her carefully.

Esther was doing quite well on her own, but she had God on her side the whole time. When she pleased the King, he was there, guiding her heart and her speech. When she received beauty treatments, God was with her, taking care that her attendants were always doing things right.

When the time came for Esther to be summoned by the King, she was humble and asked little of him. This, with her beauty and sweetness, and with God’s help, made her win the favour of King Xerxes, and everyone else. So, he made her Queen, as God had intended for him to do.

When Mordecai uncovers the conspiracy to kill King Xerxes, he tells Esther, who tells the King. She mentions Mordecai, but he is not given an honour; God has other plans, plans that will all settle out soon. Do you ever have trouble with understanding and waiting for Go’d plan to pan out?





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