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A Month of Prayer

I have looked over my prayer life, and decided I need a serious detox! So here is my month of prayer ideas: full of things, people, and situations to pray for. Have fun with this, and add anything you please to it!


  1. Pray for the Pope. We should always pray for the Pope, whether he’s doing what we like or not. Pray his heart is guided by the Holy Spirit and not outside influences.
  2. Pray for world leaders. Donald Trump, Theresa May. Whoever you think needs some guidance, love, and hope.
  3. Pray for those who suffer in poverty, that their hearts would not become hard, and that their conditions will improve vastly.
  4. Pray for refugees. They need some serious guidance. To have to leave one’s own country is a big deal, and it can leave someone feeling very lost.
  5. Pray for the sick and dying. Children, men, women, elderly. They all need prayers.
  6. Pray for those in purgatory. Yes, you can definitely pray them out! Use your rosary if you’d like!
  7. Pray for someone who has hurt you. Forgive them, and offer up your pain to God.
  8. Pray for those considering abortion, or who have already had one. Pray for the conversion of their hearts and the purifying of their souls.
  9. Pray for babies who have or will be aborted.
  10. Pray for your siblings, cousins, or other close relatives.
  11. Pray for a stranger you see today, or a neighbour you don’t know very well.
  12. Pray for those discerning their religious vocation. It’s really tough, and they need lots of prayers!
  13. Pray for those with mental illness, and those we have lost to it.
  14. Pray for the abused and bullied, that they might not see the world in a broken lens, but through God’s eyes.
  15. Pray for those who hurt others, are criminals, or have evil hearts. Ask God to change them, and convert them through His great love.
  16. Pray for nonbelievers, idolaters, and those who worship things other than God.
  17. Pray for the world to unite and defeat violence, evil, and godlessness.
  18. Pray for a good listening ear, and a humble heart.
  19. Pray for help understanding things you have trouble understanding in the Bible.
  20. Pray for a heart overflowing with love for Jesus.
  21. Pray for an opportunity to help someone today.
  22. Pray for a music artist who you think needs help with something.
  23. Pray for your priest, deacon, etc. They pray for you all the time!
  24. Pray for those still stuck in child labour or sex slavery.
  25. Pray for those serving for your country in the army.
  26. Pray for a childhood teacher you feel really helped you along in your life.
  27. Pray for help while sitting in silence. God will reveal what you need to hear while you sit in quiet.
  28. Pray for a cleaner Earth. Pick up trash you find on the ground to contribute to it.
  29. Pray for the homeless. Ask God to hold them in His safe arms.
  30. Pray for yourself. Whatever you need, ask for it.

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