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Esther Study – Day Three

Hello again, and thank you for following me through this study! I hope you’re enjoying it so far, and are loving Esther as much as I do! Here is day three! The links to day one and day two are here.

A Walk Through Her Story

Day Three

What You’ll Need for Today:

  • One Notebook
  • One Pen or Pencil
  • Your Bible
  • The guide below


  • Say this prayer, or use one of your own.
  • Read Esther 3:1-15 for the first time (the third book of the bible)
  • As you read for the second time, think about the similarities between the holocaust and Haman’s decree.
  • How did King Xerxes’ ignorance endanger the lives of many? How could he have prevented this from happening?
  • Journal about Haman and how his character reflects other people throughout history, or even people in the bible. What words define his character?
  • Go here to see Haman’s archetype card. Make your own using any of the major characters, and put it in your journal.
  • Read this and journal your notes, thoughts, and questions:

Haman plots to destroy the Jewish people in Xerxes’ kingdom, just because Mordecai refuses to honour him like he honours God. He gives King Xerxes a few small details about what he wants to do, but does not reveal who or why he wants to kill. The King readily agrees. Have you ever made a hasty decision that you don’t know much about, and regretted it later? What do you think King Xerxes will do if he finds out?



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