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How to Climb to Heaven With The Blessed Rosary

Rosaries are weapons against Satan’s snares, and are simultaneously putting our souls closer and closer to Heaven every time we pray it. Like a staircase, we climb each bead, and intercession floats toward us with ease. When we pray the rosary, we should do so with love, respect, and know that it is a holy thing to do. However, I know how hard it can be to stay focused, remember the mysteries, and recite the prayers perfectly. So here are my tips for praying the rosary when it seems difficult. (Here are my tips for praying with children!)

How to Climb to Heaven With The Blessed Rosary.png


  1. Pray the rosary as often as you can. Pray a ‘Hail Mary’, an ‘Our Father’, or a ‘Glory Be’ whenever you feel the need. Heaven is open and listening for your prayers, so why not send them up? You can also pray the rosary a decade or so at a time. You can do this while you wait in line at a store, are sitting in your car, or even while you’re about to go to sleep. Those decades add up, so just keep track of what mystery you’re praying, and you’ll be good to go!
  2. Make, share, and give out rosaries. The more people you affect, the better off you’ll be in Heaven. Who knows? Maybe all the people you share your rosaries with are praying for you and your soul! Give out pamphlets and rosaries to your children, friends, and family. Show them how to use it, and offer to teach them step by step. Instilling a love of Our Lady’s rosary is a huge deal, and really needs to be done more often. They’re super easy to make, by the way, when you use wire and pretty beads. You don’t have to make them link by link either, you can just string them together!
  3. Set aside time to pray the rosary. Put it in your schedule everyday if possible. Keep it in your pocket during the day, and under your pillow at night. Always have it on hand, and on your lips. Memorize the prayers and the mysteries (I useĀ memorizer) and you can pray wherever you are!
  4. Know that your guardian angel and all the saints in heaven are praying with you. Be encouraged by the strength of our numbers, and rejoice that there are so many that have the praise of Mary, Jesus, and God on their lips! Think of all the living that are praying it right now. So many more are doing the same in Heaven!
  5. Slow down, and really get deep into meditation. It’s okay if you take 45 minutes to pray the rosary, as long as you are meaning every word, and thinking deeply about the mysteries, you are doing well! In fact, Mary and The Trinity are rejoicing because you are loving them enough to stop and take your time. It helps to choose your favourite or most well-memorized set of mysteries!
  6. Help others with their prayers. If someone is lost or confused about the rosary, don’t ignore them, or say that you are just more holy than them. Instead, offer to help them, and go through a decade or two with them. Lots of people would genuinely love some help, so stop next time you see a child or new convert struggling, and give some of you time to the Lord!
  7. Use your rosary for specific intentions. Offer it up for the souls in purgatory, or for mothers considering abortion, so that they may find love in their hearts for their unborn child. Pray for your priests, for religious sisters and nuns, brothers and monks, etc. Make it about others, and savour every prayer as if it were love spilling from your mouth.

Have fun with your rosary, and stay blessed!



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