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Humility and What Being Humble Means to Me


God calls us to lay down our lives at His feet, and humble bow down and worship Him. He also tells us to be humble in everything we do, but what does that mean? It depends on who you ask, but the dictionary definition of humble is:


1.having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s own importance.”he was humble about his stature as one of rock history’s most influential guitarists”
To me, that’s a fair definition, especially with the modest part. But I think it means a little more than that, and a little less when it comes to the importance part. We are all children of God, sent to be a pen in His hand, a piece of His amazing puzzle called life. That kind of places us in a high position, I think. But we are all equal, no one better than the rest. Except Jesus, of course. He was perfect in every way, God incarnate.
So, what’s humility? Humility is standing in front of God, and telling Him, “I’m yours.” Humility is getting up for an elderly person to sit, it’s praying for those around you, it’s forgetting your wants and desires to help someone else’s needs. Humility is being God’s pawn ad following His directions before anyone else’s. It’s losing yourself and gaining a spot in Heaven.
How you show God you are humble is different for everyone, but here’s a list of my favourite ways for me and others to be humble, kind, and Holy.
  1. Forget fame, fortune, and popularity. God did not design you to be a superstar in the world’s eyes, but in His. Don’t talk about yourself, either in a bad or a good way. Be simple and sweet. Never doubt your strength with God behind you.
  2. Work for others, not yourself. Sure, you can have your own company, but use the profit to help someone, and make the company geared towards helping the public. Volunteer, give alms. Do as much as you can for nonbelievers, and show them what Christ is like.
  3. Take care of other people’s needs before your own. Get up early in the morning and make your kid’s/sibling’s/parent’s/grandparent’s breakfast. Do the dishes and the laundry. Help out as much as you can, but don’t burn out. Make sure you have time for prayer.
  4. Tell everyone how much God loves you, and them. Talk about His mercy, power, and protection. Go to church and sing your heart out even if you are off key, bow down at His altar, and feel the message. Be a beacon of faith.
  5. Never insult others, and accept the rude things people say without letting it get to you. Spread the love, and the joys of being in Christ without spreading hate and temptation.
  6. Don’t gossip or share private information about others. Keep it to yourself, and you’ll have little attached to you when you get to Heaven.
  7. Fear God, hate evil. Show others how powerful our God is, and how small and weak the Devil is when you are abundant in God’s strength and love.

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