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Organizing and Studying Your Bible

Organizing and studying your bible may seem daunting at first glance, but if you put a little effort into it in the beginning, you will be able to glide through it with ease. Here are my tips, tricks, and lessons learned from my time organizing and studying my bible.

Organizing And Studying Your Bible.png


Okay, this should be the first thing you do with your bible. Make all of the tabs out of small pieces of paper, simple or pretty. Some people use washi tape with the books written on it, but I prefer plain old paper. Next, take a piece of tape, and stick the paper on the middle. then, fold the tape over that piece of paper, and onto whatever page of the bible you’re tabbing. I like everything to face one direction, so if the title page is on the left, put it on the one next to it. You can do this on the top of your bible in a cascading way, or the same way on the open side. Here’s what mine looks like:


(this was the first time I had ever done it, so don’t judge lol). On whatever side you didn’t tab (on top, or to the right) you can tab important sections to you personally. I tabbed the mysteries of the rosary (sorry, I didn’t get those in the pic).


Colour Coding

Okay, I’m going to be honest: I don’t own ant highlighters, and if I did, I don’t think I’d have enough to colour code. However, it is a helpful practice, especially for studying the books individually. Here’s a system I would use if I could:

  • Pink – Jesus or God speaking
  • Blue – Tip
  • Yellow – Law
  • Orange – Prayer or saying you like
  • Green – Misc. important
  • Violet – Important story

You can also underline specific words, sayings, etc. when you highlight.


Keeping Notes

This is my favourite part! Keeping notes is so great for the bible, and I do it all the time! Whether through a bible study, a journal, or little notes you make.

Method One: The Binder

You can use a binder to organize your thoughts, and it’s a great medium because you can move pages and remake them if needed. Simply record your notes, etc., and put them in the binder. Page covers are perfect for this, since the pages are thin and easily ripped. Plus, spills happen! You can also tab these, making each book easy to find. The downside of this is that you may need more than one binder, or a large one.

I use this format for recording my thoughts. –>


Important verse(s): 

How they made me feel:


You can do whatever feels right to you, and there’s no need to stick to one way of making notes! I am including both my responses to my bible study and my regular note-taking for the best study.

Method Two: In the Margins

You can write in the margins, leaving you without the need of extra things like notebooks and tabs. It’s self explanatory, and easy for those reading the bible for the first time! Include things like definitions of difficult words or old phrases, ideas, thoughts, short journals, and even art work if you’re using a study bible.

Method Three: Notebooks

Notebooks, similar to binders, can be tabbed with the different books you study, but again, you may need multiple note books. You can begin with a notebook, and when you’re finished, switch to a binder, or vice versa. With the notebook and binder, you can use your highlighters as you would in your bible for easy access.

Extra Tip:

Keep ‘Hotlines’ for each book of the bible. For example, I have a Psalm Hotline for Depression and Anxiety. However, I am working on other hotlines for Psalm as well! Just write down the verses you think could help with something, and you’ll be able to return to them with ease later on! It really helps, especially when you’re going through some tough times!



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