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St. Patrick’s Day – Keeping it Catholic

While it’s tempting to just throw on some green and wish everyone the ‘luck o the Irish’, St. Patrick’s day has some very Christian roots we cannot ignore! You can learn about who St. Patrick was here if you want to know his story (spoiler alert, he was awesome). Here are my favourite activities for his feast day!

St. Patrick's Day.png

  1. Read the story of St. Patrick. It’s linked above, but there’s a nice short version for children here!
  2. Start a novena to him! Luckily, this one’s already made! Phew!
  3. Light a candle in his honour. Maybe decorate one with an image of him on it!
  4. Make a mini shrine for him using an old altoids tin or box!
  5. Ask him for help with driving out the ‘snakes’ in your life.
  6. Buy a medal for him, and pair it with a neat shamrock charm.
  7. Don’t participate in the ungodly aspects of St. Patrick’s day. He was a missionary, so it kind of defeats the purpose to do secular things and say your celebrating his life and works! Spread God’s love, not plastic coins!

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