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Diy Rosary Storage

Untangling and using your rosary take about the same amount of time! So does loosing it and repairing broken links that somehow manages to roll under the bed. Here are my favourite ways to store and display rosaries! From travel to home sweet home, I’ve got you covered!

Rosary Storage Solutions.png

  1. Eye glass cases – seriously. For bigger rosaries, this is my number one recommendation. I have this large, chunky glow in the dark rosary, and it fits perfectly inside it! You can decorate it with modpodge or tape a favourite saying onto it, or you can just leave it plain. There are some cool ones you can get for under $10 at Walmart as well.
  2. Jewellery displays – whether you choose one with a long line of hooks, or just a tree, these displays really help with the tangling issue our rosaries face on a daily basis! Pick a fun colour and display all of your beautiful rosaries all at once! You can also get creative and make one yourself using things lying around the house!
  3. Organza pouches – you know those tiny little drawstring pouches? Yeah, those are the ones. You can find them at the dollar store, in packages of six, or you can buy some pretty ones made of other material. They work great for taking along with you in your pocket, since the rosary won’t get tangled up in anything it’s next to, or you can hold it like a little accessory if you don’t have any pockets! So cute!
  4. Medicine BottlesClever and oh so cute! They protect your rosary while maintaining an adorable outside, making every prayer a pill full of love! Show it off to your friends and family, and who knows? Maybe they’ll pick up their prescription too!
  5. Corkboard FrameTurn your rosaries into pieces of artwork! Framing them is one thing, but putting them on a corkboard makes them easy to remove and put back up. Leave them near your home altar for others to use and store!
  6. On Old BottlesThat’s right – just drape them over the necks of antique bottles! It adds vintage flair to any room, and makes your rosaries look quite nice, too! You can find old bottles at shops that sell things second hand, or you can collect them every time you eat sauce or drink things out of clear bottles.
  7. On Doorknobs – Whether on your closet doorknob or one you’ve nailed to the wall, your rosaries will be displayed very nicely on any door’s knob.
  8.  Crocheted Coin PurseHere’s a pattern, but I have a little cheat for you. Crochet a rectangle that when you fold it in half, is just the right size. Then, fold it, and hot glue the edges. you can make a flap for the lid, and/or a little strap, but I leave mine open, since I only ever carry ti around the house!
  9. Plastic Bead Dividers – Yes, those ones! Rosaries fit well inside of them, when they have small-medium sized beads, and you can find them at the dollar store sometimes!

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