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DIY Dollar Store Marian Shrine

Marian shrines are a great way to add depth to your devotion to Mary. You can make them out of things around your house, or, as I found to be an awesome method, dollar store supplies! Here is how I made mine!

DIY Dollar Store.png

What you’ll need:

  • Faux Flowers of Any Colour (roses work best, but lilies and other pure flowers are good too. Use what you want/can find. I had pink peonies lying around the house, are they were from the dollar store)
  • A Candle Plate or Bowl (Mine is a heart shape and has walls)
  • Decorative Filler (opt.) (I like these white stones!)
  • Image of Mary (they sell these toys! I used one, since I wasn’t able to go and get a plastic statue from catholic supply)
  • Tea Light (these come in a pack (I can’t find them online except with scents), but you’ll have more for later! Or, you can get these LED ones)


Add the filler to the bowl if you have it, and place Mary wherever you think she looks best. Then cut off the flower heads and hot glue or place them in a spot you like, and do the same with the tealight (I chose the right corner of the heart, with Mary in the left, and the tea light in the center bottom).Place this next to your rosary, and voila! You have a Marian shrine!

Alternatively, you can flip the bowl over and not fill it, and put everything where you like it just the same way! Until I get some filler, that’s what I’m doing! I also put a coffee filter inside of it, and glued it on the top, so it looks like a little skirt.

God Bless!


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