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I read an awesome pamphlet called “Is It a Calling?” and I really felt encouraged. It said to discern for a set amount of time, their recommendation being 6 months, so I am doing it. Starting now, I will be discerning actively. I won’t be letting God put the ideas in my mind and doing nothing about it. I am going to try and instill the lifestyle into my own day to day activities, and pray about it unceasingly. Here’s my plan, but be warned: I am going to let God have the reigns here, so they are destined to change at any point in time.

  • Set a schedule based on what Sisters do. I found an awesome Carmelite Sisters schedule here, which is where I got to go and talk to a vocation directress! It was an amazing experience, and definitely one worth while. They even let me listen to their daytime prayers and the divine office! Any who, here’s my schedule based on it:
    • 9 am – Rise/Breakfast
    • 9:30 am – Lauds/Salve Regina
    • 10 am – Online Mass/Schoolwork
    • 12 pm – Daytime Prayer/Divine Office Readings
    • 1 pm – Spiritual Book Reading
    • 2 pm – Recreation/Chores/etc
    • 5 pm – Vespers/Rosary/Stations of the Cross
    • 6 pm – Dinner
    • 7 pm – Recreation
    • 8 pm – Compline
    • 8:30 pm – Sleep
  • Follow the schedule as closely as possible. If my life allows, I’ll be doing the above everyday but Sunday, in which there will be no chores, and the mass time will move a bit.
  • Pray for the needs you have. Mine are below, so you can use those as an example, or make your own. Ask for what you know in your heart of hearts you need.
  • I Pray For.png
  • Pray if this vocation is truly your calling. It can be a simple, “Lord, is this your will?” or a long heart pouring-out. Just do what you need to do to get it out. Tell God that you are His to do what He wants with. Lay your life down at His feet.
  • Read about the lives of those in your vocation, such as saints. The more familiar you are with the lifestyle, the better.
  • Act like you’re already a part of whatever you’re looking towards. For example, I want to be a sister, so I am trying to follow a schedule, pray for others, and be as kind to others as I can. In this way, God’s light can shine through me, and I can better be prepared to do even more as a Sister!
  • Sit in silence and listen to God. Listen to your body, and what God is telling you through it. What thoughts pop up? What sin do you struggle with? Try doing this while you eat, or are doing a chore.
  • Don’t give up. If God is truly calling you to this lifestyle, listen to Him. Follow His example and do good things!

May God bless you! ❤


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