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The Prayer Basket – And How It’s Humbled Me

I made this little basket, and filled it with toys, odds, and ends that remind me of specific things to pray for. Stuff like little army men to pray for the soldiers fighting for me, or a lego for the homeless who need homes (I know, it seems a little silly, but it helps). You can do this for your children, or for yourself. It has really taught me to pray like a child again: wholeheartedly, and with blind faith. Because I never will know how God is using my prayers. But I trust He will, and that He will stir those that need a heart change.


On with the prayer basket! Here are some fun ideas for your own:

  1. Lego – A brick for the homeless to build their house. Pray they find hope, love, and help asap.
  2. A Tissue – for the grieving to dry their tears. Offer your comfort through prayer.
  3. A Toy Soldier – to remind you to pray for those fighting for you.
  4. A String/Ribbon –  to tie around everything, and know it is a gift from God. Pray to remember this
  5. A Band-Aid – to patch up old wounds. Pray for the mentally ill.
  6. A Cotton Ball –  for soaking up the water when it rains. Pray for those around you experiencing a tough time.
  7. A Stone – Pray for the unrepentant sinners with cold, stone-y hearts.
  8. A Fake Flower Blossom – to shower goodness onto everyone you pass. Pray that everyone you see is blanketed in love and joy.
  9. A Medicine Measuring Cup/Syringe/Spoon – medicine to heal the sick. Pray God aids the sick and dying, both physically and spiritually.
  10. A Quarter – Money for the poor. Pray for God’s providence, and miracles, where mortal funds fall short.

What would you put in a prayer basket? Have you ever done anything similar to this?


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