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Overcoming the Laziness of Sin


Sin is lazy. It is so much easier to sin than it is to take the higher road and do the will of God. And since we know this, there is not really an excuse as to why we should still be sinning. But we do. Because it is hard. 

God, of course, knows this. Being an omnipotent being, He sees, feels, and knows all. He dwells in our heart of hearts, is attached to our souls. And that’s why we can draw strength from Him.

In our darkest moments, He is waiting out the storm with us. He is holding our hands, and whispering words of encouragement when we are being attacked on all sides by the forces we cannot see. My challenge, or rather, His, is to turn to Him when you think about sinning, whether that means not doing something you know you should (James 4:17), or doing something you outright know you shouldn’t (1 John 3:4),and send it up to God: offer your temptation to Him. He will give you strength, and renew in you a clean, unblemished heart. You will be stronger with Him. Ask for an army of angels, and it will be given to you (Psalm 34:7).

I know from experience, dear friends, what it is like to sin, and to overcome it as well. Both sides have their battles, but why would you choose to loose?


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