I Want to Be Holy

But it is so hard. 

I make time for everything I feel God is calling me to do to be more into Him, but it’s never enough. I want to just throw my whole being into His love, and spend time praying all day long. Even these few minutes it takes for me to write this up, I am feeling like I need to do more.

Anyone know what this feels like?? Anyone know what I should do?


4 thoughts on “I Want to Be Holy

  1. Everyone has a different journey in which the Lord reveals His divine plan.

    I know exactly how you are feeling. The intimacy with Jesus created by prayer and meditation is all consuming. For me, I ask the Lord to open my eyes, ears, and heart to those he places on my daily path, so that those hearts will be touched. I ask that He fill my heart with Himself, so that His love pours out of me…regardless of my weaknesses. Through those encounters, I am filled more and more by the Holy Spirit, and hopefully am a vessel to expand Our Lord’s kingdom:-)

    May God continue to bless you!

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  2. Well said @blmaluso. Open yourself to the Holy Spirit and He will fill you with the presence of Jesus. I sometimes feel the same, not having that closeness with the Lord. Usually there is something in my life that is taking me away from God, and I have to pray that God will reveal it to me. When He does I cut it out, even though it might take me a while when I really like that thing(ex. Netflix). I will pray for you @Bible Junkie.

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