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Esther Study – Day Six

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everybody!! This is day six for the study of Esther! Have fun!

A Walk Through Her Story

What You’ll Need for Today:

  • One Notebook
  • One Pen or Pencil
  • Your Bible
  • The guide below


  • Say this prayer, or use one of your own.
  • Read Esther 6:1-14 for the first time (the sixth book of the bible)
  • As you read for the second time, note God’s hand in Mordecai being honoured. How did His patience in giving Mordecai his honours create a more complex plot?
  • How is this chapter a foreshadowing of what may come to pass? Is it representative of how God’s will shall prevail, and how He will be honoured? Who/what does Mordecai symbolize?
  • How does Haman’s advice backfire? Write about the dramatic irony displayed in this passage.
  • Haman’s anger intensifies. How does his uncontrolled anger mimic the devil’s point of view?

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