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My Prayers for Mass

We are given time throughout Mass to say prayers other than the ones that are built in, such as the “Confiteor” and “The Lord’s Prayer”. I have prepared some prayers for such times, and hope you and I will get some good use out of them! Feel free to share. God be with you always!




Before Mass

Jesus, my saviour, I cry out to You!
Fill me with the hunger and thirst for Your bread and wine,
The chosen hosts for Your body, Your blood.
Call me to Your table, Lord,
And gift the Priest with Your blessing.
Help each of Your children see You, my Jesus,
And make us desperate for Your love.
I love You, my King above every King.
Hold my hand through this Mass, and ever after.

When the Host is Raised

Lord, I believe!
I believe in the lifesaving qualities of Your body,
Which we lovingly consume.
Holy, Holy Jesus, I praise Your glorious name!

When the Chalice is Raised

Lord, I believe!
I believe in the blood You spilled for us,
And that it is in Thy cup of Life.
Let us drink of it,
And become filled with Your spirit.

Before Communion

Prepare my heart, O Mary.
Fill me with a longing for your son,
The same longing you felt in anticipation for His birth.

Jesus, cleanse my soul, renew me with Your living waters.
Carry my heart to Thee,
And break the bonds of sin from my wrists.



After Communion

Gracious Jesus, I thank You for Your offering,
For the blood You shed, and the skin that was torn from You.
I offer thanksgiving for the souls You have converted to Your way today,
And for the rest on every day of the year.

Fill me with Your love, from the inside out, O Lord.
Conceive in my soul the desire to want You forever,
And to hold You in my eyes in death, in life.
Help me in my efforts towards holiness,
So I may please You, and praise You in everything I do.

Jesus, guide of all,
I pray for the pardoning of every soul who has ever hurt me,
And ask for You to forgive me as I learn to forgive them.



After Mass

I end this Mass with You in my mind, soul, and body.
I will carry You with me for as long as I have breath,
And hold you dear to my heart forever.
I cherish You, and thank You,
my Jesus, my love.


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