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10 Easter Activities for Teens

The time draws near when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. As a teen, I have trouble finding good activities and thinking up fun ideas. So here are some I’ve found, created, or thought up for everyone to use. I hope we all can experience the joys of Easter this coming season!


  1. Make a Resurrection Garden. These are super fun to make, and come in a plethora of styles. Pinterest holds dozens of ideas, but my favourite is linked.
  2. Make cards for friends and neighbours. You can use fancy calligraphy like this, or just make a neat card and add a flower or or twig-cross. 🙂
  3. Read the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection in the bible. Seriously, it’s the best thing to do on Easter. That, and attend Mass!!
  4. Paint a picture depicting Christ risen. Get creative with it! I am making one with Jesus on the cross on one half and on the other, he’s risen!
  5. Pray the Rosary, using the Glorious Mysteries!
  6. Write a poem, story, or article about Easter. Dedicate it to Jesus.
  7. Think about Easter through the eyes of Mary, Joseph, etc. How do you think they would feel?
  8. Journal about the things you notice, feel, and think during Easter. Maybe do this with a bible study of the Resurrection of Jesus.
  9. In the afternoon before Easter Sunday, have a solemn hour of prayer. In the morning, celebrate and give thanks to your saviour!
  10. Make resurrection eggs and explain them to any children you know!






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