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7 Tips for a Better Prayer Life – The Swiss Army Knife Tactic

Prayer, and your spiritual welfare, go hand in hand. Without a relationship with God (no matter how kind and genuine you are) your spot in Heaven is not secured. Praying, going to Mass, and living a life full of Christ’s grace can really give you a thirst for the living waters of Jesus. So here are my tips for jump-starting a better prayer life.

7 Tips to Strengthen your Prayer Life.png

  1. Schedule it. For every day. Make time for God, whether it be all at once or interspersed throughout the day. Mark it on your calendar, and no matter what, leave that slot for the one who loves you most.
  2. Try using formal prayers, like the rosary, the stations of the cross, or the liturgy of the hours. Or, incorporate those prayers into your regular ones for an added boost!
  3. Journal your prayers. Pray while you write, write while you pray. However you want to do it, just get something down. I’m starting a new thing where I write down my prayers before I go into it. It helps me feel less lost and hurried. I can dwell on each sentence, pause when I feel I need to. It isn’t a performance, though; it’s a way for me to feel more comfortable and profess my love to God.
  4. Read your bible before or after you pray, and include scripture or allusions to it in your prayers. It will help bring the living word of God into your life, especially your prayer life.
  5. Think about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit even outside of prayer. Ask Him to be with you always, and respect that you’re in His presence. Be kind to others, rich in love. Find Him everywhere.
  6. Keep a journal separate from your prayer one to reflect on God throughout the day. Make notes, doodles, and put down your religious ideas in it. Make sure to keep dates so you can see how far you’ve come!
  7. Use guided prayer sheets. You can make your own, or find another one, on pinterest, for example.


I hope these tips will help strengthen your prayer life, and draw you closer to God!



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