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5 Ideas to Grow Your Home in Christ

Everyone needs Jesus. Not just your neighbours, or a homeless person you meet on the street. Jesus starts in the family; within it. Here are my ideas to help our families grow in Christ and His love.

to Help Your Family.png

  1. Pray together. At meals especially, but also throughout the day. Perhaps do two prayers (or more) of the Liturgy of the Hours: Lauds and Compline. Pray the rosary together, or walk through the stations of the cross. Make time for God; He’s already made time for you.
  2. Go to Mass together. Hearing the word of God in a holy setting, and receiving the Eucharist can really strengthen your family’s spiritual life. Yes, even if you feel like you need to do something at home, or work (I’m not even going to get into you Sabbath-breakers) you should go to Mass. Every Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation.
  3. Give alms together. Give your child an allowance or money from chores, and proffer them to give 10% to the church. Help them figure out how much that is, and let them put it in the offering basket all by themselves.
  4. Do works of charity together. Help the homeless, donate clothes to those little boxes. Do whatever you can and let your children and SO join in. It makes it a much more rewarding experience to do it with the people you love, and it will help you appreciate them even more.
  5. Decorate your home with Catholic decor, and make your family a shrine. Fill it with statues and icons, prayer cards, medals, rosaries, etc. Just make sure to let your kids have a turn! You could even set up a shrine for their favourite saints, or make one just for the kiddos!

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